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Programmatic Advertising For Small Businesses.

Cost-Effective Solutions For Small Businesses

Businesses of all sizes and across various industries can benefit from delving into the realm of programmatic advertising. However, for those with limited resources (and time), figuring out where to begin might be a bit challenging.

Keep reading to discover how to embrace and kickstart the development of your business’s programmatic advertising strategy.

Understanding Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising utilizes algorithmic technology for the buying and selling of advertising space. The term “programmatic” specifically refers to the method of purchasing and selling advertising space. It’s important to clarify that while this process isn’t entirely automated, you still need to provide details on targeting, budgets, and desired outcomes. This information enables the software to make informed decisions, acquiring the right advertising space aligned with your business goals.

For advertisers seeking extensive reach across the internet, programmatic ad buying is an ideal choice.

It’s crucial for smaller businesses to understand that programmatic ad buying isn’t a free auction platform, such as Google’s Display Network (covered in the next section). To access the available inventory on websites, you need to utilize a programmatic advertising (SaaS) platform

At Adly Media, we offer programmatic ad purchases service for mass distribution to help advertisers reach a massive range of audiences throughout the online world.

Various Reasons To Invest In Programmatic Ads

At Adly Media, we offer one of the best cost-effective management service for Programmatic ads, which comes at a very competitive cost. Unlike most agencies, we don’t mark-up the CPM (Cost per thousand) on contrary, we negotiate with multiple vendors on behalf of our client’s to get the best rates available and to choose which vendor is best suited for our client’s KPIs. What does that mean? It means, we ensure that your Ad budget is all spent on media and we charge you a small management fee to ensure the best ROAS (Return on ad spend)

Let’s go over a few reasons why programmatic ad is a well-worth investment in your business.

Diverse Range of Ad Formats

The main core principles that form the robust ground of businesses is to invest in building brands, laying a strong foundation along with the instant activation of the sales funnel.

Brand awareness is the driver of the top of the funnel sales. A diverse range of different formats of ads is available with the help of these programmatic platforms that often appear in itself into the better building of the brands through these ad formats:

● Native Ads– Primary Option for Advertorials.
● Display Ads – Fixed and interactive mode of ad displays.
● Video – In-platform Ad Promotions (CTV)
● Audio – In-platform, Spotify, podcast ads, and more.

Premium Inventory

The commonly asked question that often pop up from small businesses mainly revolves around programmatic and the perks it offers vs GDN (Google Display Network). The answer is simple. The diversity and the quality of publications you can tap into outside of GDN.

in many programmatic platforms, you can access deals with premium publishers that Google doesn’t offer in the Google Display Network (GDN). This lets you reach high-quality publications in your specific industry that you can’t target directly in GDN.

It’s important to mention that programmatic and Google both use the same ad space for buying ads.

Better Target With True Potentials

Programmatic ads are specifically designed to bring better potential and efficiencies as they rely mainly on the business objectives, allowing the algorithm to determine where your ad budget is best allocated and spent.

Just like most ad platforms, you would need to add the details of your campaign such as the target audiences, objectives of different campaigns, and the CPM target and the platform will do the rest.

Instead of bidding on inventories across many different ad exchanges, with programmatic ad platforms you can manage it from one single platform, boosting your efficiency in managing your campaign.

Programmatic Vs Google’s Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network (GDN) represents only a fraction of the overall available inventory (ad space) for online display advertising. Consequently, it offers a more budget-friendly option for smaller businesses venturing into display advertising.

It’s essential to recognize that the GDN is just one ad exchange, whereas most programmatic platforms provide access to multiple ad exchanges within the same platform. Keep in mind that the GDN is a single ad exchange, while a programmatic platform broadens your reach by offering a more extensive array of inventory, providing additional space for your ads.

Moreover, programmatic platforms support a broader range of ad formats beyond what’s available on the GDN, including audio ads, connected TV, and video.

Finding the Best Programmatic Agency for Your Small Business

While you might have attained a bit of knowledge about the fundamentals of the programmatic ads from this blog however, this is just an overview. At Adly Media, we manage programmatic campaigns for our clients and we can help you run and manage yours.

At Adly Media, our goal is to help you generate high quality leads while boosting your brand awareness. So, if you need help with Programmatic advertising, book a free consultation with our team to answer any questions you may have.


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