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Increase Your Brand Awareness By Choosing The Right OTT Advertising Agency

With the evolution of digital technologies and the telecom industry, more and more people are now adopting to OTT platforms and Combined TVs to get their daily fix of infotainment! Increased video streaming is causing a paradigm shift in the advertisement industry, where the new mantra for brand awareness is targeted marketing outside of traditional TV. At Adly Media, as one of the top OTT advertising agencies in Jacksonville, we offer you the latest data and best practices to capitalize on this opportunity.

In the US alone, there are nearly 340 million subscribers across the common OTT and video streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Disney+ via different devices like Apple TV, Roku stick, and Amazon Fire TV.

By strategically placing your ads within these platforms, you can increase your brand awareness and reach your potential customers while they are comfortable in their living rooms. For any business owner, tapping into this vast customer base is the key to assured success.

TV Advertising In Jacksonville FL

Let’s look at OTT statistics. Here are some compelling figures to help you visualize the big picture. 

  • As of Q2 2023, Netflix, the most popular OTT channel in America, had around 238.39 million paid subscribers
  • As of July 2023, 220.7 million monthly users visited Amazon Prime Video. 167.2 million Amazon Prime users are in the US.

The above figures mean just one thing. The future of TV is here, and it is Over-The-Top Content. The best time to focus on OTT advertisement was yesterday. The next best time is now. At Adly Media, we specialize in OTT and TV advertising In Jacksonville and offer a gamut of services to help you garner the full potential of TV and OTT ads.

What is OTT Advertisement?

Unlike traditional TV, OTT ads use Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming platforms and devices to reach a potential customer directly through the internet. The very meaning of the term OTT is that such platforms allow advertisers to skirt around traditional TV and reach out to their ideal targeted customers directly. 

Several streaming platforms (Roku and Hulu) offer businesses to buy ad spaces and advertise to their subscribers. Much like the platforms, there are many different devices (CTV or connected TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) that act as the medium of delivering the ads. 

The sheer number of platforms and devices is a potential area for confusion, so selecting an agency with experience in the OTT advertisement domain is vital.

Transform Your Ads Into Brand Awareness Beacons With Our OTT Advertisement Strategy

OTT and CTV ads have the power to disrupt and change the entire paid advertisement and media scenario. It is an integral part of the Performance Media Mix and can influence a range of sales and marketing goals, not just upper-funnel brand awareness. Our approach is a 100% customizable and scalable paid OTT strategy to reach the full potential of brand awareness and lead generation. 

  • OTT advertisement is much more targeted and data-driven
  • It can nurture customers throughout the funnel, not just the upper-funnel
  • It has a much broader viewership base compared to traditional TV
  • High-quality ads lead to enhanced customer engagement
  • Has more accountability that helps in optimizing future ads
  • It bypasses common constraints like geography, broadcasting schedules, etc.

Different Channels and Devices

Everyone wants their ads to have a high view and completion rate at the lowest cost possible to reach the maximum number of the targeted audience. So, the first thing anyone does is buy an ad package from the top channels. However, there’s more to platform and channel selection than their popularity. Understanding which platform and channel your Target Audience (TA) is on, is very important.

Our team of experienced TV and OTT marketers at Adly Media is here to help you ace this process.  You’d be surprised to know how much more effective your ad campaign is if you choose the right channel & device. We help you run your ads across all popular channels and devices. 

OTT Platforms
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Disney Plus
  • Apple TV Plus
  • HBO Now
Streaming Devices
  • Roku
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Android TV

Wondering How Much OTT Ad Campaign Cost?

OTT ads typically cost between $25–$40 CPMs (cost per 1000 impressions/tv spots). This means you only pay if someone views your ad. Traditional TV advertising can range from $40–$200 CPM Rate or more depending on demand. Unlike OTT ads, there is no way to track who or how someone views your ad.

To estimate the expenditure for your campaign in reaching your target audience, utilize our CPM calculator below. Determine the potential cost and optimize your advertising strategy accordingly.

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  • We offer different packages that work for all budgets and goals
  • We provide 100% customizable and effective strategies to increase brand awareness
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