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What Is Google Ads And Why You Should Consider It?

There has been a significant shift in the way businesses approach their marketing strategies over the last decade. More businesses have become inclined towards google ads than they were in the past. Most businesses are spending almost their entire marketing budget on digital marketing skipping the old traditional marketing strategies.

Mention digital marketing and your business would be spoilt for choices. From SEO to social media marketing there are several options for you to choose from. Google Ads has emerged as one of the top draws and became one of the most crucial elements in the wheel for any digital marketing campaign. Before we dive in further to understand what Google Ads are and why you should consider investing in them, here are some interesting stats.

  • Google accounts for more than 92.47% of the search market share as of June 2021
  • Google ads reach more than 90% of Internet users
  • More than 60% of Internet users have clicked a Google ad once
  • Google ads have an average of 200% ROAS(Return On Ad Spend)

What Are Google Ads?       

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a form of paid search marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click). In this form of advertising your business would place ads on Google’s search engine which appear in the search results when a user searches for relevant keywords and key phrases. To understand it better think of Google’s search engine as the world’s most video billboard with billions of searches happening every hour. By investing in Google ads, your business would buy space on the most viewed billboard in the world.

Your business has complete control over the choice of keywords for the ad campaign. With Google Ads, you have the freedom to work within your marketing budget. You can set a budget based on your goals which is beneficial for small and medium businesses. It is a transparent platform where your budget is spent only when a user clicks on your ad. Your business would enjoy instant and transparent results with this marketing strategy.

Why Google Ads?    

Google Ads has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the digital world. From start-ups to large enterprises, businesses across the board are aggressively spending on Google Ads. Thanks to the benefits they offer. Here are some of the reasons why your business should be investing in Google Ads.

Use Google’s Reach    

Google dominates over 92% of the market share in the search traffic in the world and by investing in Google ads you’d be leveraging its unbeatable reach. The company has constantly worked on its algorithms to offer the most relevant results to its users. The same goes for Google Ads as it allows you to run highly targeted ad campaigns ensuring higher Return on Investments compared to its rivals. Your ads would be displayed in front of people who have entered the buying cycle, and this ensures higher conversions.

Gain Immediate Visibility      

You know the importance of online visibility and how it helps your business stay ahead of the competition. Your business might already be investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive organic traffic. This is great but as you may already know, SEO is a long-term strategy as it takes time to rank for certain keywords and to deliver tangible results, Google Ads on the other hand can do the same in a matter of hours. With Google Ads, you can generate traffic for multiple keywords at the same time. Whether it’s a new product launch or a mega sale offer you are running, you can rely on Google Ads to earn you the visibility you are looking for.

Leverage Buyer Intent  

Some marketers might suggest opting for social media ads over Google Ads. Though Social Media Marketing does help businesses in growing, they have a huge handicap in comparison to search engine advertising –BUYER INTENT. Most people use social media to unwind, relax and keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. Ads are often seen as a distraction here and this can be counterproductive for your campaign. But in the case of search engines, most users are looking for information on products and their incentives. They are already looking for the products and services your business offers. Thus, you are targeting people who want to be advertised to and looking for solutions to their problems. Therefore, if you are running social media paid campaigns along with Google ads, both would complement each other for optimum results.

Improve Brand Recognition   

Brand recognition or brand awareness has become crucial to the survival of any business in this competitive world. Research both by Google and third parties has shown that Google Ads can help in improving brand awareness by 9x. Since these ads appear along with the search results it helps in amplifying recognition of your brand.

Embrace The Flexibility 

For all the benefits that Google Ads offers they are one of the most flexible digital marketing platforms. Unlike in the case of Search Engine Optimization where your business needs to run a sustained campaign, you have the flexibility of switching on and off your Google Ad campaign. You will be able to target specific types of Internet users and optimize the budget for the campaign to enjoy maximum returns for your investments.

Generate Faster and Better Quality Leads

Lead Generation is one of the most important challenges for any business. Compared to other lead generation techniques, Google ads help you in generating highly targeted leads and do it at a faster pace. With this marketing medium, your business would be able to target people who are actively searching for the products and services your businesses offer. With this targeted lead generation campaign, you can improve your conversion rate and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Enjoy Control and Transparency   

Google has built its reputation as a transparent Internet giant. It offers you detailed information on the progress of your campaign with the most advanced analytical tools that offer you key insights into your campaign. This allows you to opt for the best strategies that deliver results. Your business would also have complete control over the campaign in terms of the target audience, geography, time of the day, language, keywords, etc. thus offering you maximum for every dollar spent on the campaign.

Gain Market Insights    

Leads and conversions are very important for any marketing campaign. However, marketers have one more goal with every marketing campaign – gaining insights into the market. This helps them prepare more targeted and rewarding campaigns for the future. Google Ads offers you deep insights on the market including the needs and aspirations of your target audience. You’d be able to foresee macro and micro trends for the future which benefits your overall digital marketing campaign in the long run.

To conclude, paid search marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy as it offers you immediate results and a high return on Investment. Google Ads is the market leader in paid search marketing and offers maximum visibility to your business.

If you haven’t utilized Google ads yet, you are missing out on potential business opportunities and yielding space to your competition. Get started with Google Ads today and you will have a unique opportunity to generate the most qualified leads and convert them into loyal customers for the future.  

Summary –
In this blog, we discuss the benefits of Google Ads and how your business can benefit by allocating a portion of the marketing budget to Google Ads.

At Adly Media, we help our clients to get the best ROI on their Google advertisements. If you need help with your marketing, please contact us today, and let’s talk about your business!


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